Packaging Systems

bagging machines INDUSTRY 4.0 ready

SQM TECNOLOGIE has the latest technologies available on the market at highly competitive prices. We guarantee our customers high quality standards at low costs

Bagging machines Industry 4.0:

  • We have more than 100 different versions that allow us to package all types of products starting from the smallest 10gr sachets (much requested in the dried fruit sector for vending machines) up to Big Bags for more than 1 ton
  • In addition to the most modern models that are fully automatic in every phase of operation, we also have the cheapest semi-automatic double scale models that still allow considerable time savings at very low prices.
  • We use all types of bags and can guarantee future supplies at very advantageous prices, both on logged paper or woven bags and on film rolls depending on the model chosen
  • Nitrogen or vacuum injection systems for long storage of packaged products
  • Integration with IoT communication protocols valid for industry 4.0 standards, real time data exchange with Wi-Fi, 4G or wired connection.
  • H24 full assistance and large spare parts warehouse to minimize plant downtime in case of emergency

Anthropomorphic Palletizing Robots:

  • We can integrate our robots with different vision systems.
  • Very low project costs,
  • consultancy, project implementation and certification “INDUSTRY 4.0” and “TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION” to deduct up to 50% of the total amount.
  • we have two different 4-axis anthropomorphic models that differ in size, angle of rotation grip resistance.
  • Automatic wrapping machine with rotating platform
  • Pallet storage with 5 or 10 trays to reduce the circulation times of the forklifts.