SQM TECNOLOGIE: Optical Sorters & Processing Plants

Our optical sorters and our processing plants are the perfect solution to clean and wrap your products:

  • Seeds and grains (alfalfa, clover, etc…)
  • Cereals (wheat, spelt, oat, barley, ….)
  • Dried Fruit (Almond, hazelnut, nuts, pine nuts, chestnuts, etc…)
  • Legumes (chickpeas, lentils, fava beans, beans, etc…)
  • Recyclable products (plastic polymer, metals, glasses, etc…)
  • selezionatrici e impianti per settore agroalimentare

We’re specialised in improve product’s quality of different sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture and craftmanship.

We use modern technologies of artificial vision and avantgarde electromechanics systems. Moreover, we’re able to guarantee high-performance products at reasonable prices.

All of this can happen thanks to our important collaborations:

  • TAIHO (Hefei Taihe Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd)
  • Aky technologies

We provide a technical support service h24, 7 days a week for all our products, thanks to our highly qualified technical staff.

  • selezionatrici ottiche, separatori e impianti industria 4.0 ready


Thanks to our wide range of solutions and our technical expertise, SQM TECNOLOGIE is the perfect partner to help you chose the right investment.

All our machineries and plants have the technical requirements needed to be part of the “National Industry Plan 4.0 and Technology Innovation Plan” in support of the technological and digital transformation process of companies.

With our partners, we developed plug&play solutions, in order to turn all the machineries into “industry 4.0 ready”;

Moreover, we added simple and solid ERP and MES solutions, to get a fester certification process and maintain low project costs.  

For this reason, in addition to technical assistance and project services, we offer:

  • Consultation services with best professional in the industry
  • Plants certification with all necessary documents
  • Training courses certification for employees to let our customers take advantage of the tax benefits.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

We looking forward to welcome you in our workshop to test your products. We are sure you’ll be satisfied of our costs and performances. 

  • selezionatrice per armelline
  • selezionatrice ottica per mais e germe
  • selezionatrice per grano e cereali
  • selezionatrice per mandorle
  • selezionatrice per nocciole
  • selezionatrice per riso e cereali
  • tigernut sorter
  • selezionatrice per semi di girasole
  • selezionatrice per vetro e rottami
  • selezionatrice per pistacchi