Optical sorters for Agri-food Products

For dried fruit, legumes, cereals, coffee, cocoa, seeds of all kinds and much more …

SQM TECNOLOGIE has the latest technologies available on the market at highly competitive prices, guaranteeing its customers high quality standards at low costs

“ZERVI” series sorter:

  • selezionatrice per cereali, sementi, legumi efrutta secca

UltraHD cameras for detecting the smallest differences and color shades

Precise shape and size recognition algorithm, increases selection performance

multispectral vision system from visible to infrared (VISIBLE + NIR + SWIR).

The self-correction of the vibrators improves and stabilizes the selection performance

The auto-calibration sorting system when the product shade changes, maintains the performance set by the operator unchanged

Intelligent cleaning system: intervenes only when necessary

Android and iOS App to operate on machines from any mobile device without difficulty while remaining comfortably seated in the office or from the control room

Integrated with multiple IoT communication protocols valid for industry 4.0 standards, real time data exchange with Wi-Fi, 4G or wired connection.

Chassis also available in the MINI version at low prices but with the same qualitative performance:

  • selezionatrice da laboratorio
Numero di scivoliDIMENSIONI cm LxPxAPESO kg
1 mini1033x 1467 x 1541380
52226 x1520x20901160
62540 x1520x20901355
72854 x1520x20901575
83168 x1520x20901740
103796 x1520x20902130
disponibili altre versioni speciali
esempio selezionatrice da grano low cost
selezionatrice per riso a basso costo

new “OBSERVATION” series:

  • selezionatrice OBSERVATION

Attractive and modern design, with an eye to aesthetics without forgetting the functionality that distinguishes TAIHO products, 15″ Touch-screen

“Cloud” system with “One-key intelligence” function for a quick set-up of the sorting parameters.

Designed with cutting-edge materials and treatments, anti-wear, resistant to water and to the hardness of the products they work, reduce friction and promote cleaning

Low air consumption ejectors with a duration of over 12 billion strokes and less maintenance

Low temperature led lighting system, lower energy consumption and longer life

Numero di scivoliDIMENSIONI cmPESO kg
52226 x1460x19601187
62540 x1460x19601332
72854 x1460x19601525
83168 x1460x19601686
103719 x1460x19602047
Altre versioni su richiesta
migliore selezionatrice ottica

Belt sorter and Multiview


360 ° detection of the defect, Zero blind spots, up to 5 perspectives essential special processing on round objects or to see defects on the sides of flat products

Better product distribution for some products such as cashews and walnuts, more efficiency is also achieved in the presence of very dusty product batches

Double belt solution that allows you to concentrate the waste or pass the good product, saving time and improving quality

Modelsdimension cm Lunghezza x larghezza x altezzaPESO kg
Nastro singolo 30cm3400x1350x1850700
Nastro singolo 60cm3450x1650x1850840
Nastro singolo 120cm3450x2280x18501200
Doppio nastro 120cm4590x2420x22402500
Altre versioni su richiesta
test selezionatrice a nastro sulle noci
belt sorter for dry fruit

Xray sorter:  


works on both bulk and packaged material up to 25 kg

recognizes the difference in specific density of materials and is particularly useful for the removal of all foreign physical substances.

Complies with the strict HACCP safety regulations for food safety, radiation loss less than 1 µsv / h.

Low consumption X-Ray source with a much longer life cycle, High resolution X-ray detectors to detect even very small defects (0.3mm)

Quick and easy maintenance

MODELLODIMENSIONI cm Lunghezza x larghezza x altezza (cm)PESO kg
Prodotto sfuso2400 x1270 x 2390600
Confezioni sotto 1kg1160 x 825 x 1870150
Confezioni da 1kg a 10 kg2757 x1270 x 2141500
Confezioni da 10kg a 25 kg2690 x1490 x 23101130
test selezionatrice a raggi-x
rice sorting test